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Build a Custom Photo Collage

Introducing Abby Juli’s Custom Photo Collages: where cherished memories come to life in vibrant and personalized compositions. With a maximum of 25 photos, you can craft a collage that celebrates family memories spanning past, present, and favorites. Whether it’s reliving special moments or capturing the essence of your journey, each collage is a unique reflection of your story. Embrace the joy of reminiscing as your memories are expertly woven into a stunning visual narrative. Please note, as each project is meticulously crafted, it typically takes around two weeks to complete. While I’m passionate about creating these collages, I also value balance and have a life outside of work.

  • Project length: about two weeks
  • Number of photos included: 25 (feel free to send as many as you like using a secure folder so we can choose the best ones together! (labeled – your name_date_collage) 
  • 3 revisions (more revisions are a extra $25) 
  • You will get a high-quality JPEG file as a digital file so you can print it

The Basic Process

Send me Your Idea

Pick your service, send me your ideas!

Work with me

I will get to work, sending updates every step of the way until you give me the a okay.

File Delivered

Once I get the "I love it", I will then send you your files via a secure link on my Google Drive account.

Other Collages I've Done

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