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Digital Art and Design Process


Some artists say that its better to keep a sketchbook to get ideas out your head quickly…..however I’m not one that uses sketchbooks

As you know I’m not a person who draws….I was never any good at it. ( this is probably why I prefer digital work) So yes I skip the sketches.

I often keep a mental note or put the idea in the notepad in my phone though.

A few weeks ago I was on a road trip with my dad and the host said that he had discovered a long lost song by The Beatles. Now it seems like the station plays it non stop. My dad says that they should have never found it. I’m not so sure, its kind of catchy. The tune got stuck in my head and inspired these designs……

Starting the Creative process

Since much of my work is digital I will sit at the computer and start putting my idea on the screen.

Only the chores of the song was stuck in my head, so I only used one line from the song. Woof! Hey Bulldog, Hey Bulldog.

I work with a lot of layers, changing the various blend modes and opacity of layers until I’m happy. With this design specifically, I erased part of the bull dog so it would fit in the center of the vinyl record and fit the text to fit in the outer part of it by selecting that part of the design and inverting the layer so it could be removed!

Once I have a basic design down I like, I will then save  the original then make smaller edits or color changes then click > Save As ( edit name).

After seeing the final product, I created Hey Cats Pop Art and Hey Dogs Pop Art.

Hey Dogs Pop Art is perfect for dog lovers while Hey Cats Pop Art is perfect for cat lovers. I really like this vinyl pop art design!

Once all my designs are done and I’m happy with them. I resize them to 9000 pixels by 9000 pixels. This size will fit on everything, from wall tapestries to cell phone cases.

More of my Process

Here’s a video process of one of the designs I did, showing how I use my own personal photos to create my digital designs.

Some More of my Inspiration

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